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Vitamin C Serum | An All-in-One Serum for Your Skin Issues


Nowadays, most people love to invest in skin care. These people often find the best products to use on their skin. Aside from argan oil for face, vitamin C serums are becoming popular to most consumers because of their incredible benefits.Beautiful woman with healthy skin


    Vitamin C Serum: Is It Worth The Splurge?

    If you love doing skin care, you should have your own bottle of vitamin C serum. This serum is quite expensive but it is totally worth it. Do you want to find out why? Keep on reading for more.

    What is vitamin C serum?

    Vitamin C serum is not like any other ordinary serums. To help you understand vitamin C serums, you should know more about vitamin C first.

    Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for health. This vitamin works as an antioxidant that helps form your connective tissues, bones, and skin. Vitamin C is commonly in fruits, vegetables, and supplements. When you take in enough vitamin c, it gives your body the following benefits:

    • It decreases the risk of developing urinary tract infection
    • It helps treat cardiovascular disease
    • It makes your bones stronger
    • It improves your immunity and metabolism

    Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant.This is why men only need about 90 mg of vitamin C in the body and about 75 mg for women . Having the right amount of vitamin C protects your body from free radicals that cause damage.

    Aside from diet or supplement rich in vitamin C, you can use vitamin C serums as well! Just like your body, your skin needs vitamin C too. Vitamin C helps your skin in so many ways by giving a lot of nutrients to maintain its health.

    How does vitamin C serum work on skin?

    Vitamin C serums are safe to use on skin and they work really well too. You see, vitamin C does not only protect your body from free radicals. This vitamin protects your skin from these harsh substances too. It is important that you protect your skin from free radicals because they cause a lot of damage to your skin cells.

    Vitamin C serum helps reduce the signs of aging too, which is the reason why people love using it. Vitamin C serum helps lessen the signs of aging by improving the production of collagen on skin. Collagen is a protein that holds your skin’s cells together. This helps strengthen skin as it gives it elasticity for a healthy and toned complexion. With daily use of vitamin C serums, your skin is sure to glow radiantly after 2-3 weeks.

    Precautions when using vitamin C serum

    Since vitamin c serums are potent, you need to take extra care when using them on your skin. Here are some precautions you should do before applying the serum on your face:

    Usage – Do not use too much vitamin C serum on your skin. This can cause your skin to turn dry and flaky. To prevent those side effects, just use 2-3 drops of vitamin C serum on your skin every day.

    Storage – Keep vitamin C serums in a cool and dry place. Do not expose your oil to heat or sunlight. This can affect the serum’s potency and consistency.

    For different skin types – Vitamin C serum is safe for all skin types to use. But if you are unsure, you can do a patch test on your skin first before buying the serum. Just apply a small amount of the serum on your wrist. If your skin does not have any harsh reaction from vitamin c serum, the serum is safe to use on your skin daily.

    For people with allergies – If your skin or body cannot handle the potency of vitamin C, it is best not to use vitamin C serums. You can consult with your doctor and ask for alternatives if needed.

    Aside from your skin, Argan oil has a lot of benefits and uses at home too. Find out more about this topic here.

    Benefits of Vitamin C Serum on Skin

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    Aside from its anti-aging benefits, vitamin C serum offers many more benefits for your skin. Here are some other benefits when you use vitamin C serum on your face:

    • Reduces discoloration 

    Vitamin C serum helps even out your skin by reducing the effect of free radicals. Free radicals from pollution and UV exposure can produce age spots and sunspots. Thanks to Vitamin C’s powerful antioxidant properties, you can wave goodbye to those uneven patches for a brighter and healthier looking skin.

    • Protects skin from sun damage

    The sun is your skin’s worst enemy. Vitamin C serums protect your skin from sun damage. This helps prevent your skin from sunburns and age spots as well.

    • Speeds up healing

    Vitamin C serum helps speed up your skin’s healing process, especially with minor wounds or superficial wounds. These types of wounds happen when your skin is torn, cut, or punctured.

    • Provides moisture and hydration

    If you have dry skin, vitamin C serums are necessary for you. Vitamin C has a high concentration of nutrients that your skin needs for overall moisture and hydration.

    Just like vitamin C serum, argan oil gives your skin great benefits too. If you want to experience the benefits of argan oil, check out this page for the best argan oil recipes for your skin.

    How You Should Use Vitamin C Serum on Skin

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    Vitamin C serum is easy to use on your skin. If you do not know how, here is a simple guide on how to use vitamin C serum for skin:

    1. Wash your face first, especially when you have makeup on. Make sure that your face is clean before applying the serum.
    2. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.
    3. Apply 2-3 drops of vitamin C serum and massage your face to help spread the oil evenly. If you use toners and cream moisturizers on your skin care routine, it is best to apply them before the serum.
    4. Do this every night for best results.

    How should you use argan oil with vitamin C serum?

    If you want to use argan oil, apply the oil before using the serum. If you are planning to mix these products together, do not. Your skin will find it hard to absorb them both since the consistency of argan oil is too thick for the serum. It is best to use them separately for your skin. This makes sure that your skin gets all the nutrients from vitamin C serum and argan oil.

    If you want to have your own bottle of vitamin C serum, you can always go to your local pharmacy like Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Walmart. You can find vitamin C serums online too. Just search up brands that have their own websites or you can go look it up at Amazon.

    Just like vitamin C serums, argan oil moisturizes and hydrates your skin too. Do you want to get yourself a bottle of this pure Moroccan oil? Check out this page to find out the best argan oil products to buy.

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