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Using Argan Oil for Nail and Cuticle Care


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One of the quick ways to determine the hygiene and vanity of a person, whether a man or woman, is to look at their hands. More specifically, their nails. Neat nails mean that a person is taking care of it well. But that’s pretty obvious. What makes it important is because it signifies that the person takes time to include nail care in their priorities.

Get strong and beautiful nails with Argan oil cuticle drops,

Among the latest buzz, using Argan oil for body care is definitely a must-try. Its various benefits do not only work for hair and skin. You can also get stronger and healthier nails by using Argan oil. The nails suffer from damages every day. It’s in the harsh formulas that we use on skin and hair that also weakens the cuticles and nails. Or it’s in the detergents and alcohols that our hands come into contact with. And worse? You’re not providing enough nourishment on your nails.

From the benefits of Argan oil for nails to tips, and methods of application – find it all here. Know how you can get the perfect neat nails with liquid gold. This is where your neglect ends. Start a healthy nail care that is easy to do but gets you great results.


    Using Argan Oil for Nails

    Having dry, cracked, and dirty nails are just unacceptable. Especially for women who are prone to manicures and pedicures, frequent harsh treatment can make the nails thinner and look unpleasant. Some people cover it up with nail polish but it makes the problems worse.

    But Argan oil is one of the best products that work well to improve the thickness and strength of the nails while also protecting it from damages. Plus, it’s quite easy to do. Couple it with a healthy diet that replenishes nutrients that the nail needs for a healthy growth, and you’ll get nail care pat down.

    Get soft hands and stronger nails by using Argan oil products.

    Strengthens Nails

    Applying Argan oil for nails help strengthen it. Having weak and thin nails is an issue that most of us are unaware of. Neglecting the nails is a pretty common thing to happen nowadays. The harsh formulas that you often use and expose your nails to can be the cause of this problem.

    The vitamins that Argan oil has helps improve the nails to give them a stronger and thicker layer. The essential fatty acids also work to moisturize it to relieve drying which can make nails brittle.

    Discover how using Argan oil products help protect your nails from damage! Get dainty hands that look neat and proud by using formulas that nourish the skin and the nails.

    Softens Cuticles

    Cuticles are the almost invisible layer that is found on the bottom part of the nails. They are soft and they protect your nail and fingers from infection. One of the things that you have to pay attention to when taking care of the nails is to moisturize the cuticles. Having hard and tough cuticles is a sign of possible problems.

    When cleaning the nails, some people cut out the cuticles. But it’s a risky practice since it can lead to infection and might make the nails weaker. It might also lead to nail care issues such as cuts on the nail fold or the edge of the nails. Argan oil improves your cuticles by moisturizing them and keeping it hydrated while also making it easier to move them back.

    Moisturize Nails

    Rough and brittle nails are pretty easy to crack. Plus, there are also dangers of developing calluses on the sides of the nails. Especially when you often go through manicures and pedicures, the nails suffer from the harsh formulas of nail products.

    The lack of moisture plus the formulas can make the nails brittle. You also remove the top protective layers by scraping the surface. Applying Argan oil for nails prevents this from happening. Because of the essential fatty acids, it can penetrate through the layers of the nail and hydrate it.

    Heal Nail Damages

    There are various types of nail damages from ridges, spots, paleness, cracks, to an unnatural color. But you can treat most of these issues with Argan oil. It has vitamins A and E that help provide the therapeutic effects. For one, vitamin A helps in cell production which can boost the renewal of healthy cells in your nails.

    The antioxidants in Argan oil also prevents nail damage. The vitamin E helps repair the damages to give it a healthier and stronger look and state.

    Argan oil helps protect the nails from the damages of using various personal care products.

    Protect Cuticles from Damages

    Prevention is better than cure. And in this case, you’ve got Argan oil to coat your nails with its nourishing compounds. With nutrients, essential fatty acids, and therapeutic effects, you can get those sleek and neat nails you’re gunning for.

    Tips for Argan Oil on Nail Care

    Know how you can use Argan oil for nails with these stress-free steps. From daily nail care to extra practices that keep those cuticles soft, strong, and healthy. Start rescuing your nails from daily damages with these tips!

    Daily Argan Oil Drops

    A lot of products of Argan oil for nails come in the form of nail drops. They are pretty easy to use. Just make sure that you’re using a high-quality product or a pure Argan oil.

    How to Apply Argan Oil Drops

    1. Clean hands and feet in warm water.
    2. Pat dry with a towel.
    3. Put a few drops of Argan oil on nails.
    4. Massage using fingers or spread the oil using a cotton swab.
    5. Let dry and repeat every morning or evening.

    Prep for Cleaning Nails

    Manicures and pedicures damage the nails and cuticles. From filing to scraping, cutting nails, and even applying nail polishes. They can be too harsh and the damages accumulate over time. To prevent dehydration of nails and the nail bed, use Argan oil to prep for manicure and pedicures.

    Use Argan Oil in Polishing Nails

    1. After cutting, trimming, scraping, or filing the nails, remove excess debris.
    2. Dry using towel.
    3. Put a few drops of Argan oil on nails and the surrounding flesh to help hydrate and replenish moisture.
    4. Let dry before using nail polish or other nail formulas.

    Use Argan oil for nail care daily to get full results.

    Moisturize After Nail Painting

    Some nail polishes are harsh to the cuticles and the nail itself. To prevent the drying, dehydration, and weakening of the nails, apply some Argan oil right after the nail polish has dried. It helps the nails, cuticles, and the fingers to recover from the treatment.

    How to Use Argan Oil after Nail Painting

    1. Let the lacquer paint dry before touching the nails.
    2. Wash hands or feet on cold water to help harden the surface and remove dirt stuck in the paint.
    3. Pat dry with towel.
    4. Put a few drops of oil on nails and surrounding area.
    5. Let dry.

    Treating Cuticles

    If you’re one of those who’re cutting off cuticles, you should stop it now. But this is a dangerous habit since it can lead to infection and cuts. One of the common effects of this practice is for the nail fold, or the edge of the flesh to lift away from the nail plate. It can be a pretty painful experience. Here’s how you can use Argan oil to clean your cuticles without causing damage.

    How to Use Argan Oil to Clean Cuticles

    1. Soften the cuticles by applying Argan oil.
    2. Push back the cuticles into the nail fold.
    3. Do it gradually until it will seem invisible.
    4. Brush away debris.
    5. For extra moisture, apply a few drops of Argan oil on nails.

    Updated Content:

    Argan Oil Cuticle Cream Recipe

    Argan oil cuticle cream helps soften cuticles and improve its health. It strengthens nails as well to prevent cracks and brittleness. Here’s a recipe you can easily whip up at home.


    • 2 tablespoons Argan oil
    • 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil
    • 2 tablespoons Shea butter
    • 3-5 drops of vitamin E oil
    • 1 ½ tablespoon beeswax pastilles
    • Preferred essential oils blend
      • For this blend, use three types of essential oils with a ratio of 2:1:1 (20 drops, 10 drops, 10 drops)


    1. Mix the oils, shea butter, and beeswax in a small clean bowl.
    2. Put a small pan on stove with low-medium heat and fill with water.
    3. Place the small bowl in the pan and stir the mixture until completely melted.
    4. Remove from heat and add the essential oils blend and vitamin E oil.
    5. Store in clean containers.

    Soften Calluses

    Calluses can develop on the edges of the nails. And it can cause issues such as lifting nail plates or even an ingrown. Argan oil helps soften calluses and make them fade completely. Get rid of those calluses by doing these steps.

    Use Argan Oil to Soften Calluses

    1. Soak feet or hands in warm water for 5 minutes.
    2. Pat dry with a towel.
    3. Put a few drops of Argan oil and let soak into nails and surrounding area.
    4. Let dry. Do this every night before sleep.

    Know how to properly apply Argan oil on nails.

    Quality Argan Oil Product for Nails

    Not all oils can provide the same amount of benefits. There are cheap products that do not do much aside from coat the nails with a greasy texture. But Argan oil is just the perfect choice for a cuticle drop. It provides essential vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the healthy growth of the nail.

    A quality Argan oil does not only protect the nails and cuticles. It also helps them grow stronger and more resilient against damages. This is why the finest brands compete to produce the top Argan oil product.

    Wondering about the Argan oil of your dreams? Check out this list of brands that produce the finest oils. Find the perfect match for your nails!

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