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A wide range of products with argan oil is present in the market today, including personal care. They contain argan oil, so they are highly nourishing and mild for daily use. Argan oil provides many benefits for face, hair, and body. You can apply it to dry hair to restore its shine. Using it for skin care gives you a youthful glow.

The use of pure argan oil for personal care began in Morocco where it originally came from. Locals use it for their regular hair and skin care needs. With each use of argan oil personal care products, you can experience the same benefits of argan oil from head to toe.


    Personal Care and Argan Oil

    To understand fully what argan oil personal care is, it is important to define what personal care is all about. Then look into the great things about argan oil such as its properties and benefits. This will help you see what makes argan oil a perfect ingredient for personal care products.

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    What is Personal Care

    Personal care is attending to your personal needs to help you go about with your daily activities. This includes dressing, grooming, and bathing. Even using the toilet, eating, and taking medication are part of personal care.

    For elderlies and persons with disabilities who can’t fend for themselves, there are personal care services that offer assistance. Personal assistants will help with your everyday activities such as getting out of bed, washing, dressing, and meals.

    Different Areas of Personal Care

    • Personal Hygiene – A good personal hygiene is essential for keeping yourself clean and healthy. It includes habits such as bathing and brushing your teeth to keep germs and illness at bay.
    • Grooming – Grooming is keeping a good physical presentation of yourself. It may include getting a haircut and trimming or shaving a beard. Applying makeup and other cosmetics is part of grooming too.
    • Dressing – Dressing is important since you need to change clothes every day. This involves putting on clothes that will cover your body and protect you from elements such as a cold temperature.
    • Mobility and Transfer – Mobility and transfer is a personal care task typically needed by patients who can’t move by themselves. An assistant may help push a wheelchair or provide support when the patient is walking.
    • Eating and Drinking – Taking food is a basic need of life. Allowing yourself to eat and drink properly promotes a healthy mind and body. It keeps you strong and less prone to illnesses as well.
    • Taking Medication – Taking one’s prescribed medicine on a regular schedule is a huge part of personal care. This is especially important for those treating or preventing an illness.
    • Using the Toilet – Urination and bowel movement are daily routine you need to do to stay fit. If not attended properly and regularly, this part of personal care may lead to serious health issues.

    What are Personal Care Products

    Personal care products are commercially available items you can purchase from stores. You can use them to aid your personal care activities. For example, shampoos and body washes are personal care products used for hygiene. On the other hand, personal care services are support given by trained individuals.

    What differentiates personal care products from personal care services is the actual use of tangible items by a person. These products are necessary to perform personal care tasks successfully. Examples are soaps and body washes you need for cleaning your body thoroughly.

    Why Argan Oil is Used in Personal Care Products

    Taken from the kernels of the argan tree, Moroccan argan oil is a natural plant extract that is rich in essential nutrients. It contains essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid and oleic acid. These are both effective moisturizing agents.

    Argan oil also contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. This fights skin aging and promotes cell repair. It has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin irritation and swelling. This helps clear scars and acne. You get beautiful skin that’s flawless and smooth.

    Many types of personal care products contain argan oil. Facial moisturizers, creams, shampoos, and conditioners are common examples.

    Areas of Personal Care Where Argan Oil is Used

    Argan oil is commonly present in two major areas of personal care. You can find argan oil in many personal care products for personal hygiene and grooming.

    Personal Hygiene

    Products for personal hygiene are daily necessities that help maintain your body’s cleanliness. They are important for maintaining health and preventing the spread of diseases. You use them for personal habits such as bathing and hand washing.

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    • Hair Care – Shampoos and conditioners are the most common types of personal hygiene items used for hair. You can make a better choice of picking natural hair care products such as argan oil-infused shampoos and conditioners. They have the nourishing and moisturizing benefits of argan oil. Made with natural ingredients, they keep the hair healthy without risks of chemical damage.
    • Bath and Body – You can also find argan oil in many bath and body products. That includes body washes, facial cleansers, soaps, and even shaving creams. Argan oil is a well-known skin moisturizer. Adding it to bath and body products makes them gentler for your skin. You get a fresh and clean body without leaving it dry. Argan oil also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that help relieve skin rashes and reduce acne. Overall, argan oil promotes skin that is healthy and beautiful.
    • Baby Care – Argan oil proves to be such a gentle treat for the hair and skin. You can pamper your baby with a baby foaming wash and shampoo, which is perfect for baby’s delicate skin. It’s made with natural ingredients, so it is mild for use on baby’s face, body, and hair.

    Grooming (Cosmetics)

    Cosmetics can be considered as luxury goods particularly used to enhance your beauty or appearance. They may not be as necessary for your everyday living but they are important for grooming. Moreover, grooming is an important part of personal care as well.

    Cosmetic products

    Argan oil has now become very popular for its cosmetic use. You can find it in many cosmetic products such as:

    • Makeup – A big chunk of the cosmetics industry is comprised of makeup. Foundation, blush, mascara, and lip care products are common examples. Some makeup brands use argan oil to create skin-friendly formulas. Argan oil contains nourishing ingredients, making it perfect for products you apply on your face on a regular basis.
    • Skin Care – Some of the skin care products that help cleanse your face and body are found on Bath and Body for personal hygiene. Skin care under cosmetics is more about additional products you use to improve your skin condition or protect it from damage. This includes lotions, moisturizers, and sunscreen. Argan oil is effective for keeping skin hydrated and less prone to premature aging.
    • Various Hair Products – Aside from your daily upkeep with argan oil shampoo and conditioner, you can use other hair products to improve your hair even more. Hair products with argan oil such as hair serums and styling products can add shine, texture, and volume to your hair. Argan oil hair treatments help repair damaged strands and restore beautiful hair.

    Updated Content:

    • Nail Care Products – Taking care of the nails is an important part of personal care. Argan oil is the perfect nail drop to nourish and strengthen nails. You can use Argan oil to soften cuticles as well. Soft and healthy cuticles are important in the growth of thick and healthy nails. They protect the new tissues that grow under the skin. These nail tissues are soft and easily damaged. By applying Argan oil regularly, you can heal and prevent dry and cracked cuticles too. The oil will help kill fungi and bacteria that cause infection in nails. Just massage the oil on nails for a few minutes and let it absorb.

    TIP: While you can buy argan oil hair treatment products to maintain the health of your hair, you can also create homemade hair treatments with argan oil. Check out the next page to find out their difference. Learn how to use pure argan oil for treating hair damage and how to create a special recipe using it.

    Environmental Impact of Argan Oil Personal Care Products

    Argan oil personal care products are better options for both personal hygiene and cosmetics. They are mostly made with natural ingredients, so they have a gentle formula. They are safe to use on your hair, skin, and the entire body.

    All-natural products do not contain harmful chemicals that may be damaging to your body. The ingredients, especially organic ones, are grown without using pesticides and growth enhancers. This helps preserve the environment.

    Most commercial products today contain toxic ingredients. These are particularly harmful to your health. When using these products, the chemicals go through the piping systems. They essentially lead to natural bodies of water. This could make the water more toxic and eventually damage the marine life. Therefore, choosing argan oil personal care products is not only good for your health but for the planet as well.

    Using Pure Argan Oil for Personal Care

    Apart from the good-to-go commercial products that contain argan oil, you can also use pure Moroccan argan oil for personal care. A 100% pure cold-pressed argan oil contains the highest amount of essential nutrients your hair and skin need to stay healthy.

    Pure argan oil is chemical-free. This type of argan oil comes from natural argan kernels. It is produced without using harmful solvents. Being pure means it does not contain any fragrance or preservatives.

    Pure cold-pressed argan oil is safe and effective for both hair and skin application. You can use pure argan oil as is or create your favorite DIY personal care recipes. You can make your own all-natural shampoos, body washes, or lotions at home using argan oil.

    If you are looking for different argan oil skin care recipes, check out the next article. It features 6 skin-friendly personal care treats you can create easily and quickly.

    Where to Buy Argan Oil Personal Care Products

    If you are looking for an argan oil product for personal care, check online for a variety of options. Many brands of argan oil offer this type of goods. They have different products for personal hygiene and cosmetics infused with argan oil. That includes shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and creams.

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    Simply go online and look for your chosen brand. Visit their official website and buy argan oil personal care products directly from them. With just a few clicks, browse through their product collection. Look for your desired item and place your order. Some brands are also available in top online stores such Amazon and eBay. Many buyers of argan oil prefer online buying because it’s very easy and convenient.

    Another option is to visit a physical store that sells argan oil products. It could be a pharmacy, organic store, or beauty shop. You can look through the organic products aisle or ask for assistance. It may take you some time and effort to go to the store location. You can drive your way or take public transport, whichever you prefer.

    Choosing the best argan oil personal care product starts with knowing what the perfect brand for you is. Finding a brand that you can trust is one step towards getting the results you expect from using argan oil personal care products.

    To help you out, Argan Oil Product Reviews picked 14 brands for you. These top argan oil brands made it to our list. Find out more about each brand in the next article.

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