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Argan Oil for Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair Care with Argan Oil


Editor’s Note: Content is updated with additional information regarding the use of Argan oil in repairing hair damage. Update can be found under “Repair Hair Damages with Argan Oil“.

Who knew that Argan oil can bring your hair goals closer to your reach? Daily hair troubles get easier to manage. You can now even style your hair to your heart’s content without running into trouble. A drop of Argan oil protects your hair from getting damaged.

Get shiny and healthy hair with Argan oil products.

A lot of hair products in the market contain Argan oil. It’s abundance in nourishing substances help the hair and scalp maintain their health. As a stand-alone product, it works perfectly as a moisturizer, a conditioning treatment, and even as a hair mask. While mixing it with formulas boost their effects. Using organic Argan oil for hair have great health benefits.

Find out how to use it for healthier hair. Fix your hair care woes with regular use of this miracle oil. It brings beautiful benefits that give the hair strength, luster, and shine. Discover the therapeutic effects that Argan oil has and finally end your hair and scalp problems!


    6 Benefits of Argan Oil for Healthy Hair

    The basic needs of hair include nourishment, moisture, and hydration. And all of these, you can get in a bottle of Argan oil. It packs powerful nurturing effects that do not maintain hair health but also helps treat the damages it suffers from. Using Argan oil for healthy hair also protects it from problems.

    It’s pretty easy to apply this oil on tresses based on your purpose. When it comes to hair care, it’s important to address both the essential needs of the hair and the problems that it’s suffering from. Here are the benefits of using Argan oil on hair.

    Argan oil have a lot of benefits for the hair.

    Long-Lasting Moisture

    Argan oil provides these essential fatty acids that help retain moisture. What makes it a better choice than other products is that this oil resembles the natural moisture on the scalp. It conditions the hair to prevent the water content from evaporating far longer than ordinary products. In this way, it protects the hair from getting dry and rough.

    Highly Nourishing

    There are a lot of vitamins and minerals in Argan oil. Two of the most prominent vitamins that are essential for hair health are vitamins A and E. Vitamin A is necessary for healthy hair growth. It deals with cell growth and also aids in the production of sebum on your scalp. Vitamin E, on the other hand, is a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals. Antioxidants also help the hair by protecting it from further damage.

    Know more about the benefits of the abundance of antioxidants in Argan oil in here. From helping with skin moisture to preventing premature aging – no wonder it’s called an anti-aging oil!

    Improves Texture

    Moisture is important for the texture of the hair. When your locks are dry, it tends to get frizzy and rough to the touch. The role of using Argan oil for healthy hair is that it conditions the hair for a softer and smoother texture. It keeps the cuticles from lifting up from the shaft and prevents split ends, breakage, and roughness. Basically, it coats the strands in its moisture to keep them intact.

    Improves Volume

    Grow thicker and stronger strands with Argan oil. Its composition promotes healthy hair growth. You can use formulas that feature the benefits of Argan oil or apply it as a treatment oil. But regular use improves the volume of the hair and prevents it from getting thin. It also prevents premature hair fall by boosting blood flow to the scalp and improving the grip of the follicles.

    Protects Hair and Scalp

    Applying Argan oil for healthy hair is not only for nourishment. It also seeks to protect the tresses from risks caused by pollution, sun damages, and other hair damaging elements. The antioxidant in Argan oil is especially effective in preventing prolonged sun exposure that causes brittleness and weakness in hair strands.

    Treats Hair Damages

    The therapeutic effects that Argan oil has for hair helps put a stop to a lot of problems. There are treatment products that work well in improving the health and state of your hair. From the essential fatty acids to the vitamins – all of these natural compounds aids in the repair of hair damages.

    Treat hair damages with Argan oil products.

    Repair Hair Damages with Argan Oil

    The fame of Argan oil’s wonderful effects for hair led to the influx of various products. There’s not only pure cosmetic Argan oil. Basic hair care essentials contain liquid gold, making it one of the essential oils that are greatly used in hair formulas. It’s also popular as a repairing oil that brings intended results. Here are some of the hair damages you can treat with Argan oil.

    Discover how you can combine Argan oil with nourishing ingredients to get great benefits! Here are argan oil hair recipes that you can use to put an end to hair concerns.


    Get rid of itchy and flaky scalp and bring the moisture back to your hair. Argan oil helps clear the scalp of any debris and impurities by keeping it moisturized. It relieves dryness and reduces risks of irritation and flaking. It also helps the moisture flow from the roots to the tips.

    Brittle and Weak Hair

    The strength of texture of hair gets affected easily by external factors such as heat and humidity. When you mix the two together, you can encounter troublesome issues such as brittleness and hair breakage. Argan oil protects the strands from getting too brittle. You can use it as a styling agent to prevent damage during styling.

    Split Ends and Rough Hair

    Updated Content:

    Rough hair texture can be due to the damaged cuticles. When cuticles get damaged, the layers or scales on hair strands lift up. This makes the rough texture. This is also a sign that hair might be suffering from split ends. Split ends and rough hair tend to get dry due to the escaping moisture from the hair shaft. Moisture evaporates fast on hair that has damaged cuticles. Split ends and other hair concerns start from this problem. Argan oil has essential fatty acids that deliver moisture and seals in the water content on hair. This helps prevent damaged cuticles, therefore giving hair a silky smooth texture.

    Thinning Hair Strands

    Thinning hair is one of the issues that ultimately lead to worse problems such as hair fall. There could be a lot of reasons that you’re suffering from this. It can range from simple hormonal imbalance to deficiency in vitamins. Argan oil helps the scalp recover from such problem. It boosts blood flow and promotes the thicker growth of healthy hair.

    Hair Loss

    Both men and women suffer from hair loss but men are more prone to this phenomenon. To prevent this, try using Argan oil hair loss shampoo. It improves the health of the scalp itself which does a lot to stop hair fall. It helps develop hair follicles and enhance the growth of stronger, resilient strands.

    Cleanse hair and scalp with Argan oil shampoo.

    Using Argan Oil Shampoo for Healthy Hair

    Cleansing the hair does not only work to get rid of the greasy feeling. It also prevents debris and impurities from clinging to the scalp and hair while providing nourishment. And with Argan oil shampoos, you don’t have to worry about harsh formulas. Here are the perks of using this product.

    • It doesn’t rob the moisture from hair and scalp since it is packed with essential fatty acids.
    • It helps in recovering the pH balance on the scalp and prevents conditions from occurring.
    • Argan oil is rich in vitamins which are food for the scalp.
    • Massaging an Argan oil shampoo on hair boosts blood flow which is important for its health.

    Expert Tip: You can get Argan oil shampoos or mix a pure oil with a formula that you already have to boost its effects and reduce its harshness. You can also create your own hair shampoo recipe!

    Find more products of Argan oil that suits your needs. Here are the various Argan oil goods and how you can use them. From personal care and even for household chores!

    Argan Oil Conditioner for Strong Hair

    Moisture is not the only thing Argan oil has over other hair products. It conditions the hair too. The different between the two is that the conditioning ability improves the properties of the hair to prevent the water from evaporating. This is what conditioners do. In this case, applying Argan oil on healthy hair gives it better luster and shine compared to using ordinary products. Get familiar with the advantages of Argan oil conditioners.

    • This product prevents frizzing and helps tame wild hair.
    • Argan oil conditioners reduce risks of hair becoming dry and brittle, therefore preventing hair breakage.
    • Pure Argan oil is a conditioner itself. You can use it alone to moisturize the hair.

    How to Apply Argan Oil on Hair

    Apply after shampooing.

    1. Cleanse hair and scalp with an Argan oil shampoo for better results.
    2. Make sure to remove any soapy residue.
    3. Wring out excess water.
    4. Put a few drops of Argan oil on palms and massage on scalp.
    5. Comb through your hair using fingers from roots to tips.
    6. Pat dry with towel.

    Argan oil works well for nourishing and conditioning the beard.

    Use as a conditioner in beard care.

    1. Cleanse facial hair from any dirt and flakes.
    2. Rinse with water to remove soapy residue.
    3. Pat with towel to remove excess water.
    4. Put a few drops of Argan oil on palms and rub together.
    5. Apply first on the side of the cheeks going downwards while moving to the center of the beard.
    6. For facial hair growing under the chin, comb with fingers in an upward motion.
    7. Use fingers to coat mustache with Argan oil.

    Expert Tip: You can also put it on hair after it gets dry. Try it together with combing to lower the damages caused by brushing hair. This practice also helps spread Argan oil on hair better. For curly and kinky hair types, apply it again while styling hair for boosted moisture.

    Style Healthy Hair with Argan Oil

    Hair gets easily damaged when you’re styling it. It can be due to the complicated shapes and styles that pull on the strands. It could also be because of the formulas and the tools that you’re using. When you’re curling or straightening hair, you’re exposing it to unnatural high heat which can make it brittle. Prevent it by using Argan oil.

    How to Use Argan Oil when Styling Hair

    Use Argan oil styling formulas like oil, wax, balm, or mousse.

    • For brushing hair, put Argan oil on palms or the comb to coat the strands in this moisturizing formula. Proceed with brushing tresses.
    • When using tools such as straightening or curling iron, apply Argan oil and let dry. Make sure that the oil has seeped through the strands before you use the tool. Apply again once done.
    • Helps hair stay in shape by applying Argan oil. Comb through the locks by following the flow of hair.

    Argan Oil Mask for Lush Hair

    Masks are not only for the face. Argan oil hair mask is the newest craze! It helps treat dryness and also improves the shine of your tresses the morning after. Try this hair mask of Argan oil for healthy hair. Weekly use gives your locks a beautiful shine and luster.

    Protect hair from damages with Argan oil styling products.

    How to Apply Argan Oil Hair Mask

    There are two ways to apply this hair mask. The first procedure only lasts for around 15-30 minutes. This is how you apply it.

    1. Prepare the needed materials:
    • Towel
    • Basin of warm water
    • Shower cap
    • A bottle of Argan oil and dropper
    1. Apply Argan oil liberally on hair.
    2. Massage the scalp and comb hair from roots to tips.
    3. Wet the towel with warm water and wring out excess water.
    4. Wrap around hair and cover with shower cap.
    5. Wait around 15-30 minutes and rinse hair with water or just let it dry after the period is up.

    Expert Tip: You can just wrap a dry towel around hair. The purpose of the warm towel is to further help boost blood circulation and help the oil penetrate better into the scalp in the short amount of time.

    For an overnight treatment, here are the steps.

    1. Cover dry hair liberally with Argan oil.
    2. Massage into the scalp for around 2-3 minutes.
    3. Comb through the hair until fully covered.
    4. Cover with towel and shower cap to prevent the oil from staining your sheets.
    5. Let sit overnight. Rinse in the morning with your shampoo and pat hair dry.

    The steps in applying Argan oil on hair are just simple and easy to do. What makes the difference is in the quality of the product. So make sure to choose premium formulas that are safe and effective. Get it from the best brands and you’ll never have to worry about dead and dry hair! Use Argan oil for healthy hair that flows beautifully all day long.

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