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Silky flowing hair is everything. It doesn’t hurt to indulge in the right product that protects those tresses from going lifeless. And with natural Argan oil in the market, there are more women and even men who are sporting lush bouncy hair that shines beautifully.

Frizzy and rough strands don’t stand a chance against the nourishing powers of liquid gold. Choosing Argan oil for hair care is not only a trend – it is the holy grail of hair routines. It does not only smooth out those strands. It also boosts its volume, giving it life.

Amber-colored Argan oil.

The popularity of Argan oil does not only rest on its pricey value. While it is indeed rare and valuable especially when pure, there are a lot of hair care benefits that you can get from a bottle of it. It is not only a skin food that leaves your skin looking clear and radiant. Argan oil also works wonderfully for hair.

Argan oil boasts of its powerful nourishing ability that leaves the hair more vibrant and shinier every time. Every drop offers a wealth of vitamins and minerals that work in boosting the health of the hair while protecting it from damages. But that’s not all. The natural properties of liquid gold make it a perfect treatment for hair care issues.

Know more about Argan oil hair care practices to secrets that further boost the effects of using it. Hair care is an art that results in beautiful tresses you can be proud of. With this guide, you can pick a thing or two about treating your hair gently with an oil that does more than its fair share of nourishment. Learn how to bring out its full benefits by knowing how to apply Argan oil for hair care routines.


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    What Makes Argan Oil Suitable for Hair Care

    When the extraction of Argan oil follows the natural cold pressing method, the vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids abundant in the seed are also preserved in the final product. There’s no wonder how one drop of Argan oil nourishes the body – boosting its health and even improving its appearance. With the natural compounds that it contains, it is definitely a must-have in your essential oils rack.

    Lightweight Moisturizer

    Argan oil is just the perfect moisturizer for your hair. This oil has a light consistency – not too watery but not too thick. It is also highly absorbent. Apply it on the tresses and it provides moisture but does not weigh heavily. You can enjoy a soft, bouncy hair that shines beautifully. But most of all, it helps the strands retain the moisture and prevent it from escaping. This helps condition hair far longer than any moisturizer.

    Fruit of the Argan tree.

    Therapeutic Effects

    Some hair problems can’t be treated with simple daily hair products. This is why you look for brands that offer treatment formulas. You’ll find that a lot of these products feature Argan oil as a main ingredient.

    It has wonderful therapeutic effects that prevent damages and relieve symptoms of hair and scalp concerns. It boosts blood flow and even has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe scalp conditions.

    Natural Compounds

    The results you can get from using Argan oil for hair are not all magic. It aids in growing healthier and stronger strands that can withstand damages. Your daily hair care battle is now easier and quite luxurious with a bottle of Argan oil. It replenishes nutrients, vitamins, and hydration that both the scalp and strands need.  It contains natural compounds that the hair and scalp need. Here are two of the most abundant compounds in Argan oil.


    Ever heard of the powers of antioxidants for your skin and hair? It’s quite remarkable how it is abundant in Argan oil, making it the perfect key to your concerns. While people think that antioxidants are just for the skin, it actually works wonderfully on hair.

    Argan oil contains vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant that fights against free radicals. What makes this vital for a healthy hair lies on the fact that it boosts the blood flow to the scalp – an important process for hair growth. It helps prevent common hair care woes such as hair loss. More studies are still in the works in order to prove that Argan oil can indeed stimulate the growth of hair.

    Essential Fatty Acids

    The secret to the high moisturizing ability of essential oils is their abundance in fatty acids. These are natural emollients that are good for the body. They also tend to be twice as potent compared to toxic chemicals.

    Argan oil holds a lot of essential fatty acids, namely oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic, and linolenic. These are unsaturated fats that work well for moisturizing and hydrating the hair and scalp. Remember that moisture is one of the founding blocks of a healthy hair. And hydration does more for your scalp, helping reduce risks of you going over the hair danger zone.

    And those annoying flakes? They’re products of having an inflamed and dry scalp! You can finally put an end to your suffering by knowing how to apply it right.

    Want to know how essential fatty acids and other Argan oil compounds also work for the skin? The scalp is still considered a skin. It makes sense that the effects of Argan oil for scalp are the same that it has for your locks. Discover the benefits of Argan oil for skin.

    Smooth and silky hair after using Argan oil.

    5 Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

    Whether you know it or not, Argan oil’s a huge part of your daily hair affairs. It is a common ingredient in various hair care products because of its amazing effects on scalp and locks. As an instrument for growing a healthy hair, there are a lot of uses for this oil. Learn more about how to handle them for your hair care needs!

    1 | Moisturizes and Hydrates Tresses

    Argan oil has a great moisturizing ability due to the fatty acids that it contains. But that’s not all. When you use it properly and in the right amount, you can prevent your hair from getting that greasy look and texture. What makes it the best option for your daily hair care needs is its ability to retain moisture for far longer compared to normal products.

    2 | Protects Hair and Scalp

    Avoiding hair damage is not as easy as doing the basics of hair care. There are just things that you can’t protect your tresses from. Pollution and humidity are just some of the most common enemies of your hair. Argan oil coats the strands in its nourishing formula preventing any moisture from escaping the hair shaft. This is one of the factors that cause frizzing and breakage. Even if you go to play out under the sun or style your hair into any shape, you can still enjoy the soft and moisturized locks just by applying a few drops of liquid gold.

    3 | Softens Hair for Easy Styling

    Texture is also an aspect of hair health affected by its moisture. For dry locks, the strands are rougher and it is harder to manage. Using Argan oil helps keep the shaft from getting too dry, making the hair cuticles stay intact and preventing frizzing or roughness on the strands. Argan oil gives the hair a softer and smoother texture.

    4 | Nourishes Scalp

    Most of your hair concerns start with an unhealthy scalp. It can be due to the excessive production of oil, inflamed scalp, or simply the lack of nourishment. In this case, you might want to try using Argan oil. After all, it contains a lot of nourishing substances that improve the health of the scalp.

    5 | Treats Hair Damages

    You can also use Argan oil to treat hair damages. Most products that contain this oil have therapeutic effects that work wonderfully for tresses. It restores the shine and bounce to your hair with regular use!

    Strands resilient against damages.

    How to Use Argan Oil for Hair Issues

    Argan oil is an effective treatment for a lot of hair problems. Hair loss is a common issue among men and women of all ages. But that’s not all. There are also concerns such as brittle hair, dandruff, and even thinning strands. Find out which of these issues are suitable for Argan oil hair care.


    Dandruff happens when dirt, oil, and dead skin cells accumulate in a layer in your scalp. They form into flakes that can be quite annoying especially when the hair is really dry. With Argan oil’s great moisturizing effects, it prevents the drying of the scalp. It also helps boost the cleansing of the pores, which lowers the chance of getting dandruff.

    Weak and Brittle Hair

    The antioxidants in the oil help prevent weakening of the strands. It also lowers any risk of brittleness and further hair damage. It is best to apply the oil right after showering when the hair is still damp since it ensures that it is absorbed by the strands better.

    Hair Loss or Thinning Hair

    Forgetting to hydrate the scalp is basically a mortal hair care sin. Your locks depend greatly on the health of your scalp. This is why it’s important to also pay attention to it. Even thinning and falling hair are just by-products of not having a good scalp care regimen. Most often, the follicles get weak because of the lack of nourishment and stimulus. Argan oil boosts blood circulation on the scalp and strengthens the follicles. It also helps regulate the oil production to prevent excessive oiliness.

    Dry and Rough Strands

    Argan oil traps the moisture on the hair far longer compared to other formulas. By sealing in the moisture, it helps keep the layers of hair cuticle tame, which prevents the frizzing of the hair. It is perfect for those who have curly hair since it also gives your locks some much-deserved volume, defined curl, and shine.

    Healthier hair with natural products.

    Updated Content: 5 Steps to Condition Hair with Argan Oil

    Enjoy a soft and silky smooth hair all day long by using Argan oil as leave-in conditioner. You can use it for beards as well. The oil conditions hair to keep it smooth and frizz-free. Here’s how to use Argan oil to condition hair:

    1. Wring out excess water from hair after shower.
    2. Take a few drops of Argan oil, enough to cover hair from midlengths to tips.
    3. Massage on hair for 2 minutes and use the excess oil on scalp.
    4. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes until fully absorbed.
    5. Use a hair dryer to style hair as preferred.

    Discover more uses of Argan oil in hair care. Read on to learn how to use Argan oil for healthy lustrous hair.

    Top Hair Products with Argan Oil

    As a common hair care ingredient in the market, there are a lot of formulas infused with this oil. Here are some of the products that contain it or how you can use it with these goods.

    1 | Shampoo

    Cleansing the hair strips off the natural oil from the strands, which can cause drying. As the basic foundation of hair care, you should not let it wreak too much havoc. It results in dry and rough tresses.  You can counter it by using nourishing hair cleansing formulas or by mixing a few drops of Argan oil with your shampoo. Aside from that, using an Argan oil shampoo also helps prevent excessive drying while nourishing the hair.

    2 | Conditioners

    As a form of conditioner itself, the Argan oil is quite popular for brands of moisturizers as an ingredient. It also boosts the nourishing powers of the formula because of its high levels of vitamins and antioxidants which are good for the hair. Argan oil hair care formulas work best as a conditioner because it helps keep the moisture on tresses far longer than any products.

    3 | Treatment Formulas

    Since Argan oil has great therapeutic effects for the scalp, it is effective as a treatment for issues such as hair fall and breakage. You can also simply make your own homemade recipe. Just mix Argan oil with complementing organic ingredients to come up with a treatment formula for your hair care concerns. What makes this treatment formula better than other products is in how Argan oil enhances the healing effects. Regular use helps relieve these hair care issues.

    4 | Nourishing Hair Mask

    A nourishing hair mask improves the health and state of the hair. By using it regularly, it transforms the tresses into flowing and beautiful locks that just bounces off your shoulders. Just like a treatment formula, you can find this product on the market or create your own. Celebrities look for Argan oil hair masks because its results rival those that you can get from professional salons.

    5 | Beard Oils and Balms

    The conditioning powers of Argan oil are also perfect for the beard. There are blends of oil that put great emphasis on the benefits of this golden-colored oil. Of course, the vitamins and minerals are also perfect for ensuring the healthy growth of beard. But most of all, you can keep it soft and smooth. Argan oil levels up your beard care by preventing it from getting rough and grizzly.

    Learn more about the various products of Argan oil! Its wide-ranging effects make it perfect for a lot of uses. Take a look at these Argan oil goods that give you enhanced experience and better results.

    Argan oil for a sleek beard.

    Safety Tips in Using Argan Oil on Hair & Scalp

    Don’t just put on layers of Argan oil on your hair. It’s no good to just keep the product piling up without considering how to bring out its full potential. You should also be aware of the safety measures of applying the oil on your hair to get all of its benefits without the risks. Here are some you should know about.

    Different Types of Argan Oil

    Remember that there are different types of Argan oil and you can’t just apply an oil meant for culinary purposes to your hair. Each type of oil has different characteristics. For example, Argan oil for cooking has a stronger nutty scent and taste. The kernels are roasted before the oil is extracted. Manufacturers do not use this practice in creating Argan oil for hair. This is how the oil gets to keep its nourishing compounds.

    Use in Moderate Amount

    Excessive use of Argan oil can trigger or cause hair concerns. While it’s actually healthy to use Argan oil for hair and scalp, applying too much can lead to damage. When the oil piles up on the scalp, it attracts more dirt that accumulates to create layers of flakes. It also makes airborne particles cling to the strands, increasing chances of hair damage. Plus, your head basically turns into a headquarters for germs and bacteria. Keep it clean and healthy!

    Voluminous locks all day.

    Risks of Allergic Reaction

    Before you try Argan oil for hair, check the label of the product if it’s pure. If there are any other ingredients such as chemicals, try to see if these can trigger any negative reaction from your skin, scalp, and hair. It might also be a good idea to consult a doctor if you have any known allergies.

    Checking the Label

    There are times when there is only a small amount of Argan oil in products. This percentage is important since this dictates how strong or weak the formula will be. If you’re into DIY recipes, then it’s vital that you know how pure the oil is.  It affects how you’re going to create homemade Argan oil hair care formulas.

    But most of all, learn how to pick oils of the best quality from trusted brands. You can guarantee that you’re getting the best care – from the ingredients, the production, and even packaging.

    Find out the best Argan oil brands that offer quality products. Be guided into choosing the right brand that takes your safety and satisfaction in mind. Build the ultimate hair care with these top brands.

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