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Shea Moisture


Shea Moisture brand started in Sierra Leone in 1912. it was created by a widowed mother of four who sold Shea Butter and made homemade hair and skin preparations. Her name was Sofi Tucker. The products are so good, they were able to establish a name worthy of competing with other skin care brands. Authentic Shea Moisture has authentic recipes that were handed down from one generation to another. Natural ingredients like argan oil is used and they are proven gentle on the skin.

Shea Moisture Argan Oil and Raw Shea Butter Soap

Shea Moisture Argan Oil and Raw Shea Dead Sea Salt Muscle Relief Mineral Soak


    Is Shea Moisture Fake?

    Due to the wide popularity of Shea Moisture, a lot of fake companies are trying to imitate the products. This has led to a number of Shea moisture complaints online. To avoid experiencing these types of problem learning where to find authentic Shea Moisture products is needed.

    Shea Moisture Products

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