Shifting to Natural Skin Care Products with Argan Oil

By: | Apr 30, 2018

Argan oil is an incredible oil that promotes healthy hair growth and flawless skin. This vitamin rich oil provides benefits that many chemical-based beauty products do not. Argan oil’s benefits are well known to the people of Morocco where it is hailed as one of the best beauty oils. The rest of the world however, often relies on skin care products made with synthetic chemicals that do not come close to providing the amazing benefits that Argan oil gives.

Argan Oil - Soap and Oils for Skin Care

Skin Care Evolution

The world of skin care has come a long way. Before it became a multi-million dollar business, the skin care industry used to be limited to cleansing the face and body with water, soap, and not much else. These traditional soaps were handmade using natural and organic ingredients.

From making soap using organic ingredients that you can find just about anywhere, these beauty tools evolved in terms of ingredients, effects on the skin, smell, size, shape, and so much more. Skin care products have vastly ‘improved’ with the help of industrial machines and chemicals. The use of chemicals and machines in producing skin care products is a practice that is still in effect today.

Before Argan oil became the world-famous oil that it is today, people relied on these chemical-based products that promise soft, smooth, and flawless complexion. Sadly, most of these skin care products aren’t only ineffective, they’re also irritants that can cause so many skin problems.

Did you know that many cosmetics companies are using Argan oil in the place of synthetic ingredients that promise smooth skin? Find out how Argan oil is changing the cosmetics industry.

Havoc Caused by Toxic Ingredients

There are various types of chemicals, most of which are harmful to your skin, that have probably found their way into your skin care routine. The most ordinary goods that you buy are possibly laden with chemicals. Cleansers, soaps, shampoos, creams, and treatment formulas; you might not realize it but your skin’s enemies are close by. Using these chemical-based products without understanding their effects might just be what’s harming your skin.

Skin Care Products that can Damage Skin

Manufacturers often use chemicals such as preservatives and additives to improve the effectiveness of the products or prolong their shelf life. These chemicals are far from natural. Meaning, they aren’t inherently found or produced by the body. This makes it harder for the body to accept these substances. In worst cases, they can deliver a blow to your body’s natural function and state.

These chemical-based products can change or damage the skin and body in some way. Over time, these seemingly small skin damages can become big problems. Some of the harmful effects that these chemical ingredients can cause include allergies, irritation, scaling, and so much more. In some cases, they show up instantly. They might start as small itches on the skin or redness then start to get worse. In other cases, skin damage affects the body fully making you unable to do even the simplest tasks.

Let’s get real. There’s nothing worse than blind trust. Most people silently suffer from these small causes of skin damage because they are unaware of the causes. People tend to blame it on other things such as well known allergens and outside irritants. They don’t know that the cause of skin problems are the same products that promise blemish-free complexion.


A common result of using harmful chemicals is the triggering of skin conditions such as acne, pimples, and rashes

Failing to read labels on your skin care products means that you’re mostly doing more harm than good to your skin. Whether its cosmetics or personal care products, you should know that using toxic ingredients in formulas daily would eventually have an effect on your body.

Not knowing the cause of these skin issues impair regular functions of the body as time goes by. Bodily functions such as the ability of the skin to hold moisture or producing collagen can become impaired over time. Some chemicals also aid in speeding up skin aging, which increases the number of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

Organic Heroes Saves the Day

Technology paved the way for the production of advanced formulas claiming to have healthy effects for the skin. When the 21st century rolled around however, the recognition of products containing natural and organic ingredients increased. People started to realize that these natural ingredients are more powerful than skin care products that use synthetic ingredients.

As people started to see the rewarding benefits of natural products that are lost in the sea of harmful chemically made formulas, they also started to question the claims of chemical-based products. The promises of anti-aging and whitening effects found on product labels of these types of products no longer hold so much appeal. ‘How much of it is true?’ is now a common question that people ask as they scrutinize these claims.

Soon people realized that using too much chemicals strip away the skin’s natural oils. They realized that when it comes to skin care, using products that contain natural and organic ingredients is still the best.

This recognition of the superiority of natural products over chemical-based products shows that it’s not a lost cause. As more people become pursuers of beauty and wellness, there’s always hope that a better way to save the skin from various skin care issues will emerge. For this goal, the cycle comes back to the start – the beginning of all. The birth of an organic revolution. Essential oils’ popularity is rising again and they are becoming well known as the Holy Grail of skin care. Among these oils, Argan oil shines the most.

Argan oil provides added moisture that the skin needs to stay healthy. Did you know that it works great for moisturizing hair too? Learn how to get long and strong hair with the help of Argan oil.

Liquid Gold for Beauty Ambition

Argan oil, also known as the Moroccan liquid gold, has dazzling effects on the skin that continue to leave the world in awe. Argan oil weaves a story of a rich culture reflected in every golden drop. Its nourishing properties and healing effects are just pieces of evidence of its power to bring the skin back to life.

Argan kernels that produce the mineral-rich oil.

With potent therapeutic and healing effects, there’s no question as to why Argan oil is a must-have product for your skin care needs. Compared to chemical-based goods, these oils alone have great skin benefits aside from providing moisture.

Raw Argan oil best suits your needs for improving the health of the skin. By pounding or cold pressing the oil from the kernels, it helps retain the chemical composition that is responsible for its beautiful effects on the skin. From the vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants – every golden drop of Argan oil holds true value in your beauty regimen.

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Today, Argan oil remains a top oil that people use to keep skin beautiful and hair smooth, vibrant, and lustrous. The effects of this nutrient rich oil surpass that of chemical-based products. You’ll get glowing, youthful looking skin with continuous use of this skin nourishing oil. Always choose natural over chemical-based products and you’ll never have to worry about skin damage again. Choose Argan oil and get the best that nature has to offer.