7 Ways to Upgrade Your Skin Care Regimen

By: | Apr 18, 2018

Almost everyone has a skin care regimen. Some are simple that they only require 5-10 minutes to complete while others can take the entire morning to finish. Some skin care regimen requires only 3-4  products while others need a vanity full of hundreds of beauty products. Whatever your skin care routine looks like, you could always use great tips on how to update and upgrade them. Here are some that you may want to consider.

Woman with a clean, makeup-free face

Begin with a Clean Face and Skin

Before applying any sort of cream or serum on your face, you must always start with a clean skin. This is important because, like paint on a clean canvass, makeup and skin care products work better with a clean skin. Your face is the clean canvass and makeup is your paint. When skin is dirty, full of excess oils, and other impurities, serums may not work as effectively as they do on clean skin. Makeup can also build up or push dirt into the pores, which can cause breakouts or skin infections.

Go for Products That Suit Your Skin Type

Makeup, creams, and serums are some of the most common gifts that you probably receive. Some well-meaning people would gift these because these products worked for them. They often think that they will work for you too. This is often not the case as everyone’s skin is different. These products may work for one and make another break out like crazy. It is best that you buy your own skin care product. Look for products that fit your skin type and issue. If you don’t know your skin type you can go to a dermatologist or a skin care professional to help you find out what your skin needs. Argan Oil is a skin care product that suits most skin type. Want to know which brand of Argan Oil to try? Check out our reviews.


As its name implies, multi-masking means putting on different masks on your face at the same time. This process saves you time and nourishes your skin at the same time. There are different masks that complement each other and when used together can give your radiant and beautiful skin. Make sure that the masks you are using are in the same product line so ensure that they work well together. Don’t mix masks from different brands as they may not work as well with each other.

Woman with clear complexion

Take It Slow

You don’t need to rush into things. Give yourself ample time to complete your routine. Sometimes, you might even harm your skin instead of nourishing it if you just charge right into your skin care routine by attacking your skin with tons of products and tools. Take safety measures – do a patch test, look for a good brand that suits your skin, and do it sparingly for the first few weeks.

Try a Facial Oil

A facial oil is a great way to naturally cleanse and moisturize skin. It is gentle and won’t cause allergic reactions the way chemical based cleansers sometimes do. Argan oil is a great moisturizing oil that will keep your skin looking supple and hydrated. Adding one to your routine will upgrade it significantly. Argan Oil is one such oil that works great as a facial oil. It also works great for hair. Find out how you can use with Argan oil for your hair too.

Start While You Are Young

The seeds that you sow today are the fruits that you reap tomorrow. This saying holds true for skin care as well. Start young, as early as your teens. Your older self will thank you for it. Start with simple cleanse, tone and moisturize. As your body changes, your skin’s needs also change. Add the products you need such as sunscreen, anti-aging products, exfoliators, and serums. Your skin becomes drier as you age so you will need all the help you can get. Even if you are already past your teens, you can still start your skin care regimen.

Facial Oils

Use Natural Products

Going for chemical free products is always a good idea. Products made with natural ingredients do not contain harsh chemicals that can harm your skin in the long run. They won’t strip skin off its natural oils and will give you beautiful complexion the more you use them. People with sensitive skin often go for natural products as they are hypo-allergenic and won’t cause skin irritation. Argan oil is one such natural product that is used for cosmetics and other skin care products. Find out how Argan oil makes these products better.

These few extra additions to your skin care routine may increase the time and effort you need to complete it but it’s all worth it in the end. Your complexion will look more youthful and radiant the more you improve your skin care regimen.