4 Ways to Use Argan Oil for Dogs

By: | Apr 23, 2018

If you have dogs or cats, you know that nothing can deter you from showering them with love. Not even the scratches and sneaky dog fur that sticks to you until someone points out that you’ve got dog hair on your clothes. You don’t need to cut back on those cuddles just to avoid furs from sticking to your clothes. Argan oil’s here to the rescue!

With its moisturizing and therapeutic effects, you can help prevent excessive hair loss for the dogs. Aside from that, Argan oil has other benefits for your pets. Know how it works and how you can apply Argan oil safely.

Argan oil also has many benefits for your dog.

Safety of Using Argan Oil for Pets

Argan oil has a gentle and nourishing effect for dogs. It does not have any substances that are considered toxic to pets. There’s also no need to worry about any allergic reactions since it is mild enough like coconut oil. Argan oil is as safe for your pets as it is for you. What’s important is to choose a high-quality product that delivers results without the risks.

Make sure to choose pure Argan oil or a formula made especially for pets. It has retained the natural compounds that make it healthy for them. But if you need it for consumption, it is best if you use culinary Argan oil which has a darker color and a stronger scent. It is much more suited for ingestion because it doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients that can be poisonous to your pets. If dogs ingest cosmetic Argan oil, it can lead to the development of kidney problems and pancreatitis.

4 Ways to Use Argan Oil for Pets

Whether it’s a dog or it’s a cat, your pets respond well to the components of Argan oil. With a structure that is composed of fatty acids and vitamins, it has various uses and benefits for animals. Here are the four common uses of Argan oil for pets.

Softens and Detangles Fur

Once the fur gets matted or tangled, it can cause problems. Knots in furs can lead to a bald patch if it falls in clumps. Dogs with long hair are not the only ones affected. It can also happen for short-haired dogs. Aside from that, it can also cause discomfort for your pet. To soften hair and detangle any knots, you can mix Argan oil with their shampoo or create your own hairspray.

Improve the texture of your dog's fur by using Argan oil products.

Argan Oil Shampoo

If the recommended shampoo for your pet does not contain Argan oil, you can just mix it into the formula to get greater effects.


  1. Take ¼ Argan oil and mix it with ¾ of the shampoo’s formula.
  2. Make sure that they are well incorporated before applying on fur.
  3. Make sure to massage even the roots of the hair.
  4. Rinse well with water.

Argan Oil Dog Hair Spray

A hairspray is a quick way to condition and soften dog fur. A few spritz and gentle combing do the trick in removing tangles.


  • 2 tablespoon Argan oil
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 40-50 ml distilled water


  1. Warm the coconut oil and add Argan oil.
  2. Put the water in a spray bottle.
  3. Add the mixture of oils.
  4. Shake well before spraying.

Control your dog's excessive hair loss with Argan oil dog products.

Control Excessive Hair Loss

Every dog or cat owner knows the woes of having to brush off fur from their clothes. Even your couch, carpet, or bed is not an exception. But if the hair loss reaches the point where it causes bald patches on your pet’s skin, it might be a sign of alopecia.

It comes with other symptoms such as irritation, redness, or the flaking of skin. Argan oil has omega fatty acids that help condition the skin and treat it from excessive dryness and flaking. The vitamin E in Argan oil is also effective in stimulating cell renewal. Here’s how you can use Argan oil to help control alopecia.

Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner

Argan oil does not only soften the skin and fur. It also helps moisturize the drying patches of a dog’s skin that causes the excessive hair fall.


  1. Shampoo dog hair and rinse well.
  2. Apply after the dog shakes off the excess water in its coat and after you dry it with a towel.
  3. While still damp, massage small amounts of Argan oil all over. Focus on affected areas.
  4. Wait until it dries slightly, and use a blower to help it further penetrate the shaft of the hair strands.

But there are times that dogs may feel discomfort with oil rubbed on their skin and fur. They are more likely to lick it off. You can avoid this by putting on pajamas or some clothing to prevent them from licking it off. You can remove it after an hour or once their fur has dried.

Find out how Argan oil works for hair loss. As a popular ingredient that helps curb problematic hair fall, there are a lot of other benefits that it brings for tresses.

Supplementary Nourishment

Argan oil offers vitamins that are healthy for dogs. Even the essential fatty acids have therapeutic effects on the skin. Make sure to use the culinary-grade Argan oil and not the cosmetics one. It has all the nutrients to help dogs with their metabolism and boost their health. This is also one of the best ways to improve skin and hair.

To use Argan oil as a supplement, add one teaspoon to dog food before they eat it. Do this once a day, regularly. Using it excessively can cause a problem in their metabolism.

Soften and disinfect paws with Argan oil.

Softens Paw Pads and Elbows

Your dog’s paws and elbows are more likely to suffer from drying and crusting. It protects the more sensitive parts of their body from damage. The elbows develop calluses in order to prevent any damage from the bone sticking out.

Excessive dryness of these parts often leads to irritation. It can lead to worse cases such as infections. You can use Argan oil sparingly to moisturize and soften the paw pads. It absorbs and dries quickly on the skin so you just need to entertain and prevent your dogs from licking it off.

Pure Argan oil moisturizes the skin quickly and does not leave any residue. Make sure to buy from the best brands that offer high-quality products. Here’s our list of recommended Argan oil brands!