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From the region of Morocco to the different parts of the world – this is how far Argan Oil has reached. Just like how it enriches the culture of the Moroccan region, it also nourishes the body from head to toe. With its wide array of benefits, there’s no doubt as to why it’s called the liquid gold.

Get strong and healthy hair with Argan oil products.

Argan oil is a common ingredient in hair care products.

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    Extraction of Argan Oil

    There are various ways to produce oil. It depends on the ingredient and its composition. But for Argan oil, it already started out quite unique. Who’d think that the nuts used for extracting liquid gold are harvested from animal droppings?

    Compared to just picking nuts from a goat’s manure, handpicked fruits from the Argan tree is definitely an upgrade. While it’s not as easy as harvesting digested nuts, it’s more sanitary. Local Berber women don’t have to rely on their goats to do the work for them, although goats make the production easier. The processes involved in producing Argan oil are important since they ensure the integrity of the final product.

    Traditional Extraction of Argan Oil

    Argan kernels are cold-pressed in a stone hand-mill to produce the paste.

    Argan kernels are ground in a stone hand-mill to produce the paste.

    The region from which the oil is produced is actually quite unique. The Argan tree grows in plain deserts making it sturdy and able to live in harsh conditions. This is what makes the oil more valuable. As most are familiar about, goats have a weird habit of climbing trees and steep places. This is why it’s not that of a shock to see goats up on the branches of Argan trees.

    It is also pretty common in Morocco, to let goats climb the trees and let them eat the fruits since it is a common feed for livestock. Locals often find nuts in the droppings of these goats. These are harvested, collected and cracked open to get the kernels from the nuts. Because goats digest these nuts, the outer shell becomes weak and easier to crack. This is convenient for locals who produce the oil. With a unique touch in the production of this oil, it attracted the attention of both buyers and entrepreneurs.

    But nowadays, there are definitely upgrades in its production. One of the known risks of applying or ingesting oil made from nuts harvested in goat manure is gustatory aversion. It’s a response that we develop through the experience of eating foods or drinking liquids that are spoiled, toxic, or poisonous.

    Modern Take on Production

    While it’s definitely weird and interesting to find out that goat poops had a big role to play in its production, there are still risks worth noting about. Of course, this means that manufacturers have to take these risks into account. You’d probably shy away from drizzling your pasta with Argan oil once you read about how it’s produced in the traditional way.

    This is why the modern extraction of Argan oil avoids the practice of harvesting the nuts from a goat’s manure. Producers either pick fallen fruits or take them from the trees and left under the sun to dry. The fruits are then removed and fed to the flock and the nuts, cracked to remove the kernels. Argan kernels go through the process of cold-pressing to extract the oil. This method is best for cosmetic purposes. Raw, cold-pressed Argan oil is the suitable type of oil suitable for skin and hair care.

    What Argan Oil is Made Of

    The therapeutic effects and the health benefits of Argan oil are all linked to the natural compounds that it contains. The Argan kernels found inside the seed are crushed through cold-pressing and this produces the oil.

    Pure Argan oil only goes through the process of cold-pressing. There are no other processes involved and this is the reason why the final product still retains the natural compounds that make it effective for skin and hair care.

    Essential Fatty Acids

    Argan oil is abundant in essential fatty acids that do more than moisturize the skin and hair. Each essential fatty acid has therapeutic effects that are perfect for nourishing and repairing damages on skin and hair. An advantage of using this oil is that it gets you various benefits that transform skin and hair.

    Restoring your youth might be impossible but repairing damages to appear young and fresh? You can achieve it with Argan oil. These essential fatty acids are just what your skin and hair need. Find out more of its benefits in Argan Oil Product Reviews.


    Argan oil nuts contain the two to three kernels that are used to make Argan oil.

    Argan nuts are harvested by picking up fallen fruits from the ground.

    The abundance of vitamins in Argan oil makes it perfect for skin and hair care. It does not only nourish but it also protects and repairs damages. These vitamins are antioxidants that prevent free radicals from causing damage.

    Aside from replenishing the needed nutrients, it improves the functions of the body that are damaged or have slowed down. The vitamins are essential for the health of the body.

    Alternative Uses of Argan Oil

    While most people only know Argan oil as a famous ingredient in hair care products, it actually has a lot of great uses. It is also the major export of Morocco which helped with their economy and culture. Learn more about these other uses of Argan oil!

    Argan Oil for Pets

    Just like coconut oil, you can use Argan oil to apply on skin or fur of your pet. But make sure to limit it to dogs and cats. It does not only protect the skin from conditions such as rashes but it also makes the fur softer and reduces hair fall.

    Aside from that, you can also put a small amount of Argan oil in their food for an extra boost of nourishment. Just be mindful of the quality of the oil and the amount that you’ll be mixing with their food.

    Culinary Argan Oil

    Other than personal care, you might want to check into culinary Argan oil. Its flavor and smell make it the perfect drizzle for pasta and bread. But it does not have the same therapeutic effects that it has on skin and hair because it lost some of the essential compounds that make it healthy during roasting.

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    Roasting Argan nuts help bring out the distinct taste and nutty smell of Argan oil. It also dilutes the potency of the oil, which makes it safe for ingestion. The nourishment from Argan oil helps improve the health of your skin and hair.

    Argan Oil Supplement

    To nourish the body from within, you can take some Argan oil supplements that will provide the vitamins and minerals the skin and hair needs. There are a lot of benefits you can get from taking Argan oil supplements since it replenishes the nutrients that the body is lacking from.

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    Mix Argan oil with food and drinks to get a supplement of nutrients every day. You can put it in veggie capsules as well to make its consumption easier.

    Nail Care

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    Soften cuticles and strengthen nails with Argan oil. One drop a day helps improve the strength of the nails to prevent brittleness and cracking. It softens the cuticles and improves its color as well.

    Massage Oil

    Argan oil has many uses not only for personal care but for other matters too.

    Argan oil with a golden color stored in a clear glass bottle.

    Argan oil is not just any massage oil. It has an anti-inflammatory property which is perfect for reducing pain and discomfort in joints. It is perfect for those who have arthritis. It also moisturizes the skin as you use it for massage.

    Facial Hair Moisturizer

    If you’re looking for a moisturizer to use on that bad boy, you might want to check out Argan oil. It will not only keep those strands soft and smooth but it will also protect the skin underneath from any damages such as dryness and flaking.

    Argan Oil for Softer Heels

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    The heels of the feet often develop calluses. Argan oil helps remove these calluses naturally. It moisturizes and softens the skin. Regular use helps restore the soft texture of the skin while preventing calluses from forming.

    Insect Repellant

    Some essential oils prove to be too harsh on the skin. But when you mix these oils with Argan oil, you get a unique product that can replace your commercial formula. For example, there’s the insect repellant where you mix Argan oil with peppermint. The Argan oil protects skin from inflammation and counters the drying effects of peppermint. While the latter’s scent drives away mosquitos.

    Argan Oil Leaving A Mark in the World of Beauty

    Argan oil is a celebrity both in skin and hair care. But its reach used to be limited to Morocco and surrounding countries. During the 1500s, there were efforts to make the product known to the European market. Unfortunately, it never came to fruition.

    Argan Tree

    Argan tree bears fruits that produce edible oil used for cooking and for cosmetics.

    During the 21st century, there was a noticeable rise in the popularity of Argan oil all over the world. More manufacturers are looking into producing this product. The customers continue to grow. And from having very few types of Argan oil products during 2007, it grew to over a hundred Argan oil products in 2011. Talk about becoming a big shot.

    But before its market grew into such proportions, it went through a period of problems that became a turning point for its value as an essential oil. The 20th century is when agrarians found Argan forests to be dispensable. They started to turn these forests into plots where they could plant crops such as tomatoes and oranges.

    Since this forest is endemic to Morocco, UNESCO sought to protect it from complete destruction – declaring it under their protection in the year 1998.  It is also by then that it became known as Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve.

    Today, Argan oil is the major export of Morocco and has its role in shaping its traditions. It does not only support families but its effects on the economy empower women too. Since women are the ones who mostly handle procedures for producing Argan oil, they had a big role to play in the development of its fame.

    An Instrument for Beauty and Health

    Local Berber women has an important role in the production of Argan oil in Morocco.

    Local Berber woman harvests Argan fruits and nuts.

    The North African Berber locals apply the oil on their bodies for beauty purposes. It works great for both skin and hair. Aside from its moisturizing properties, there are a lot of benefits in applying it to the body. Its wide range of uses is also a reason for people to flock to this oil.

    To this day, Argan oil still continues to rise due to its wonderful benefits that transform and revive both the skin and hair. This amber-colored oil also boasts of its high levels of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. These natural compounds are great for improving the moisture and softness of the skin.

    The dry and dull skin comes back to life with just the regular use of this oil. And as the rule of beauty routines, commitment is as vital as your product. But that’s not all. The wonders of Argan oil does not stop there. It also has amazing benefits for the hair, giving it a lustrous shine and bounce that is characteristic of beautiful and healthy tresses.

    Don’t miss the beat and continue to follow Argan Oil Product Reviews to have the latest news, information, and beauty hacks that you’ll find amazing.